Our staff consists of very dedicated and talented young men who put in much time and effort to insure the happiness of your son(s).  Appreciation should rightfully be shown. Below are the suggested amounts of tips.

Learning Rebbe: $40.00 - $60.00 per trip

Counselors - $40.00 - $60.00 per trip

Waiter: $35.00 - $45.00 per trip

Jr. Counselors - $35.00-$45.00 per trip

ONLINE TIPPING is now available! For easy online payment we have signed up with a 3rd party app called Grazzee. For a small fee you can tip all your son’s staff in one transaction. You can access this service at https://grazzee.com/ or you can download their IOS or Samsung app. Just create an account and search for Camp Bonim. If you have any trouble they have great customer support at zach@grazzee.com.a If you would prefer to pay by check, please mail checks in individual envelopes to each recipient, c/o Camp Bonim. Do not send tips to the camp office!