Please check back in January for bus reservation options.

Please book bus reservations by June 6th before midnight

to avoid a $20 late fee ($10 each way).


BUS SERVICE is subject to changes based on registration in each area.

In other words, if a bus does not fill up, busing will not be provided from that area.

*All times are subject to change. Any changes will be posted here.

BUSING is being made available to campers and staff this summer via a 3rd party vendor;  HLKT LLC. You can book bus reservations with the link below. Book separately for each camper/staff member. Their email address is

BUS FEES for both staff and camper busing are being set by HLKT. Click on the link below to reserve space on a bus; you will then be prompted to pay for your reservation via Zelle.

LUGGAGE: Bring your luggage with you to the bus. It will be taken from there to camp. The luggage cost is included.

PLANE TRAVEL: We recommend that you do not schedule return plane travel for the same evening as bus arrivals into the city from camp. Our experience has shown that despite careful planning, the bus companies are often subject to unexpected delays.

PRIVATE TRANSPORTATION: Please do not arrive at camp before 2:30 PM. No parent will be allowed to enter the camp. All luggage will be brought to your child’s bunk from the front of camp by camp vehicles.