BUSING is available to campers who register for it in advance, and have paid the bus fee.  (For Bus schedule, scroll down)

BOARDING PASSES will be mailed to each camper in June if their balance has been paid in full, and they have submitted all of their paperwork. If you do not get your bus pass by June 10th, contact the camp office to find out why! Bring your bus boarding pass to get on!

STAFF members must pay for busing according to the terms of their contract. The first trip staff bus leaves one day early on July 2nd from Baltimore and Brooklyn. There is no staff bus for second trip; staff will come on the same bus as campers. 

LUGGAGE: Be sure to bring your luggage with you to the bus. It will be taken from there to camp.

PLANE TRAVEL: Do not schedule return plane travel for the same evening as bus arrivals into the city from camp. Our experience has shown that despite careful planning on our part, the bus companies are often subject to unexpected delays.

PRIVATE TRANSPORTATION: Please do not arrive at camp before 2:30 PM. 
No parent will be allowed to enter the camp past the office.
 All luggage will be brought to your child’s bunk from the office by camp vehicles.


BUS SERVICE is subject to changes based on registration in each area.

*All times are subject to change.