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We suggest you deposit $80-$100 per session in each camper's canteen account. They will be allowed to withdraw small amounts of money for outside expenses such as trips and haircuts. Please note that money not spent is not refundable. Rather it will remain available as a Camp Bonim credit for the next summer.

To set up a canteen account for your son, simply make a canteen payment as follows:

  • Click on the "payments" option in the menu.

  • Fill in the top part of the form.

    • Be sure to select "canteen" from the drop down menu in the description box

    • Remember to type your son's name in the camper's name box so that we know who to set up the account for.

  • Choose either "credit card" or "check sale".

  • Fill in the account info.

  • Click "process".

  • You're all set!

Please Note:

Payments are generally added to the canteen accounts the next morning.

If you make a payment on Friday, it will be added Sunday morning.

We strongly discourage you sending cash or checks up to camp with your son. Please note that money sent up to camp with the boys will not be in their accounts when they arrive. Instead they will have to set up their account afterwards. Additionally, we cannot guarantee the safety of money sent up to camp and kept in the bunkhouses.

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