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Rabbi Presser

Camp Director

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Rabbi Moshe Brown

Mora D'asra

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Elementary Division

Rabbi Chaim Dovid Lapidus

Learning Director

Rabbi Yitzy Perl

Head Counselor

Rabbi Dovid Rosenberg

Division Head Junior Division

Rabbi Avraham Bender

Learning Director Younger Division

Nachum Chaim Srebro

Division Head Seventh Grade

Rabbi Dovid Metzger


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Mesivta Program

Rabbi Yaakov Bender

Rosh Mesivta

Rabbi Yitzchok Hauer

Learning Director Mesivta Program

Rabbi Michoel Berkowitz

Head Counselor Mesivta Program

Rabbi Shlomie Epstien

Assistant Head Counselor

Adir Farbman

Division Head

Rabbi Yeruchum Prero


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“Camp Bonim is my home away from home”



“I love the learning, the sports and really everything about Camp Bonim!”


E. K.

“I came to camp and I made Rebbeim and Friends for life”


A. C.

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