​1st Session:

Wednesday June 29 - Monday July 25

2nd Session:

Wednesday July 27 - Monday August 22

Tuesday, July 26:

Intersession - a special program for full summer campers!

Dates have been finalized, but are always subject to change!


1st Session:

Thursday June 30 - Sunday July 24

2nd Session:

Thursday July 28 - Sunday August 21


Dates have been finalized, but are always subject to change!



Each year Camp Bonim receives many scholarship requests from people who cannot afford to send their boys to camp, but feel it is imperative that they go. While we try to help as many people as we can, the number of requests has greatly increased over the years, necessitating new scholarship protocols and guidelines to ensure equitable distribution of these tzedaka funds. If you do not feel that you absolutely need the tzedaka, please do not apply, so that the money can go to a family in greater need.​

NEW! Scholarship

Application Deadline


 March 1st


Scholarship applications will be reviewed by our scholarship committee in the beginning of January and then again in March. For your best chances, please apply before January 1st.

We are no longer accepting
scholarship applications
for summer 2022.

RATES 2022

Grades 3-5: $1975

Grades 6-7: $2700 per session
Whole Summer Discount: $200

Mesivta Program; Grades 8+: $2800
Whole Summer Discount: $300

Grades refer to current grade; 21-22 school year.

All payment is due by May 1st.

See our cancellation policy on this page.


* Please note that the Early Bird Special Discount cannot be combined with any other discounts or camp scholarships.

Camp Bonim Cancellation Policy

1. Until May 1st: Deposits are non-refundable, non-transferable and do not remain available as a credit for siblings, other campers or for future years. The remainder of your tuition is refundable if you cancel before May 1st.

2. May 1st - Start of camp: If you cancel from May 1st through the start of camp, the deposit and remainder of your camp fees are non-refundable.

3. If you cancel after camp has already started, you remain responsible to pay the rest of your camp fees, even if your child does not attend.

4. Camp Bonim reserves the right to postpone refunds for up to 12 months.



Daycamp Grades 3-7:

$1115 for 1 session

$2175 for 2 sessions

All trips included;

Transportation included;

Staff Tips are not included.

Weekly Pricing: $315/week

Note: Our registration system will not allow you to register for less than a full session; please register for a full session and then email the office and ask them to please adjust your registration as required.